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Ultra High Power Laser Cutting Machine Max Accelerator 2.5G Laser Power 6.0~50kw Maximum Operating Speed 140m/min Professional Tube Laser Cutting Machine Wider range of pipe cutting Shorter tail material,Save cost Metal Laser Cutting Machine Free conversion, suitable for diversified processing

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Sheet Metal

fiber laser cutting machine

Sheet Metal

fiber laser cutting machine

Sheet Metal

fiber laser cutting machine

Laser Welder

Metal Bender

Automatic Equipment

Main product details

Professional independent research and development team, completely independent design, comparable to international cutting-edge technology.

Control System

CYPCUT plane cutting software, easy to use, rich functions, suitable for a variety of processing occasions.  

Laser Head

Auto focus fiber laser cutting head, focus can be adjusted automatically, operation is simple, convenient, fast and accurate.Reliable quality, suitable for a variety of environments. Precision maintenance

Machine Body

The one-piece welded sheet steel bed is robust, durable and optimally designed thanks to finite element analysis. Strict control of the production process ensures long-term performance, stability and reliability.

Cast Aluminum Beam

Die-cast aluminum gantry in steel injection mold with high production precision, high surface finish, high density, and low weight; after solution heat treatment and aging, strength, hardness and corrosion resistance and other general

Introduction of Hongniu Laser

Hongniu Laser is a professional manufacturer of intelligent laser equipment. Our 30,000 sqm facility houses five standardized workshops with automated production equipment, ensuring top-quality and efficient manufacturing. We specialize in fiber laser cutters, cleaning machines, welding machines, 3D robots, and plasma cutting machines. Our dedicated team offers advanced technology, top-quality products, and services, and continuous innovation to contribute to industry development.

Introduction of Hongniu Laser

Hongniu Laser is a professional manufacturer committed to providing high-end intelligent laser equipment and solutions. Our company operates five standardized intelligent equipment manufacturing workshops, which cover an impressive 30,000 square meters. Equipped with fully automated production equipment, we can ensure excellent quality and pioneering efficiency in our manufacturing processes.


At Hongniu Laser, we are dedicated to researching, developing, producing, selling, and servicing cutting-edge products such as fiber laser cutters, fiber laser cleaning machines, laser welding machines, 3D robots, and metal plasma cutting machines. With advanced technology and a professional team, we strive to provide our customers with top-quality products and services. Our continuous innovation allows us to offer more and better options to the industry, further contributing to its development.


Warranty Commitment

Warranty Commitment

Whole Machine 2 years Warranty (except for wearing parts: optical lenses, nozzles, etc.)

Three Free Services

Free training, free installation, free software upgrade.

Technical Services

24-hour telephone, 1 to 1 online technical guidance service, escort you to purchase and use.

After-sales Return Visit

We will return visits to all users several times a year, and provide technical support services at any time.

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