Hongniu steel plate laser cutting machine, carbon steel 50mm

As a high-automation and high-intelligence machine, metal laser cutting machine has always been paid attention to. With the increase of laser power, the maximum thickness of the cutting plate is also increased. Today, we introduce the hongniu steel plate laser cutting machine.

Price of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With the rapid development of industry, optical fiber laser cutting equipment is widely used in industry. In the face of the demand of the public, the price of many fiber laser cutting machine is different. What determines the price of fiber laser cutting machines?

Hong Niu Laser 20000w High-Power Laser Cutting Machine

HongNiu laser 20000 w high-power laser cutting machine successfully loaded and shipped last night. During the first half of this year, HongNiu laser has been in good news, with laser cutting machines signing orders and shipping orders, of which a large number of high-power laser cutting machines stand, such as 20000W of high-power laser cutting machines shipped today.

Cutting thickness of 12000 w laser cutting machine

In recent days, Hongniu laser products are on sale. A large part of them are ultra-high power laser cutting machines. Among the ultra-high power laser cutting machines that have been sold, 12000W laser cutting machine account for a large part.. For this machine, I believe many people are not very clear how thick it can cut the plate, below, to give you a detailed introduction.