3D 7-Axis H-beam

Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Professional H-beam laser tube cutter

H-beam Laser Tube Cutter

3D 7-Axis H-beam Laser Tuber Cutter

Hongniu Laser introduces the 3D 7-Axis H-beam Laser Tube Cutter, eliminating the need for chucks. Ideal for cutting various large-shaped steel like H-shaped steel, I-beams, and more. Perform multiple functions at once, boosting production efficiency and reducing costs, replacing traditional steel processing lines.

  • 3D 7-Axis
  • Customized modular
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Passed CE/FDA/ETL,Meeting European and American Standards

Expert Fiber Laser Cutter for Steel Structures

H-beam Fiber Laser Cutting Machine offers versatile cutting modes for sheet and section steels. Tailored for the Steel Structure Industry, specializing in I-beams, HW, HM, HN-type steel. One-stop solution to cut costs and boost efficiency.
H-beam Laser Tube Cutter

Wide Body Double Drive Gantry Structure

Benefit from the high rigidity of our H-beam Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, featuring a wide-body double-drive gantry structure. Three sets of guide rails ensure robust load-bearing capacity and stable operation.

Extra Large-format customization

Experience enhanced flexibility with our modular heavy-duty bed structure.Our Extra Large-format Design offers single (14m) or double (28m) station options, meeting diverse metal cutting requirements. The wide machine bed enables efficient beveling of 2.5m wide sheet metal.
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Technical Parameters



Cutting Range

Widh 150mm≤h≤1800mm



maximum acceleration


Power Specifications


Overall power protection level


Laser power


Maximum cutting thickness


Equipment size (including accessories)


Samples & Application
H beam laser cutting machine is suitable for three-dimensional cutting of H-shaped steel, I-beam, channel steel, angle steel, T-shaped steel and other large-shaped steel. It supports opening, welding holes, locks, bevels, truncation, volley root cleaning, and scribing of section steels. Line marking and other processing techniques can be formed in one go. It can also be matched with the flat straight cutting and flat beveling plate cutting functions to process the plate and realize the three cutting modes of profile, plane and beveling with one device.