3D laser cutting robot

Three-dimensional laser cutting machine is a three-dimensional laser cutting equipment developed for large-format, large-stroke cutting needs.
The mechanical structure adopts an imported manipulator, six-axis linkage, and the laser beam guiding device is fully integrated in the robot arm. Combining the advantages of a stable laser and a moving robot arm, it can realize the processing and manipulation of arbitrary and specific curves in three-dimensional space. Convenience, high degree of intelligence, greatly reducing cycle time, ensuring high-speed operation, high precision and reliability of the equipment.
Large processing area, combined with six-axis feed processing method, the maximum working radius can reach 1800mm Using intelligent robots, cutting precision is high, stable and reliable.
It can intelligently recognize multiple dimensional model files and directly generate cutting trajectories to realize accurate and fast three-dimensional cutting tasks. At the same time, you can freely choose the installation method according to the needs of the processing site, and greatly improve the cutting efficiency of the enterprise. The top-mounted or floor-mounted installation method can be selected according to the site and operating habits, and the thickness of the cutting board can be different.

Technical parameters

Product numberHN-RJ500
Arm span1900mm
Spatial freedom6 axis  6axis
Output Power500W
Center wavelength1080nm
Input powerTeaching machine——380V/50HZ/100A



cooling systemWater chiller
ProgrammaticallyTeach Pendant


Cutting Samples

Cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, aluminized zinc plate, pickling sheet, copper, silver, gold, titanium and other metal plates and pipes.

Application industry

Three-dimensional laser cutting is widely used in sheet metal processing, metal processing, advertising production, kitchenware, automobiles, lamps, saw blades, elevators, metal crafts, textile machinery, food machinery, glasses production, aerospace, medical equipment, instrumentation and other industries .