Ultra high power laser cutting machine

Machine Description

Equipment advantages: automatic loading and unloading laser cutting machine adopts exchange platform

Automatic loading and unloading structure, saving labor and more efficient

Detachable frame design saves transportation costs and reduces installation time

Technical Parameters

Heavy plate welding machine body

This machine body is suitable for medium and high power laser cutting machines. It has ultra-high stability. The heavy-duty plate welded body is welded with high-quality carbon structural steel, so that the machine body will not be deformed during long-term operation and can ensure good processing accuracy.The hollow structure design of the machine body and the excellent dust removal and heat dissipation system can effectively reduce the impact of cutting heat, ensure the accuracy of the machine body, and increase the service life of the equipment

Cast aluminum crossbeam

It adopts the low-pressure steel film casting process, so the crossbeam has the characteristics of high density, high rigidity and light weight, which can obtain higher dynamic response and improve processing efficiency.

FSCUT8000 ultra-high power Ethercat bus-based control system

FSCUT8000 is high end bus-based intelligent control system for 8KW ultra-high power fiber laser cutting. It’s stable and reliable, easy to install and debug and safe. It has abundant features and excellent performance. It supports and provides modularization, personalized, automatic and Informatization solutions.

Working Video


  • Robust machine bed
  • Easy-to-operate system
  • Safe enclosure structure

Samples & Application

It can be used for 0.5-25mm carbon steel plate, 0.5-16mm stainless steel plate, galvanized sheet, cold-rolled sheet, electrolytic plate; 0.5-16mm aluminum alloy plate,
0.5-10mm brass and red copper and other metal materials.


Fiber laser cutting machine has a wide range of applications. It is usually used in automobile manufacturing, hardware products, kitchenware, sheet metal processing, advertising industry, lighting processing, fitness equipment and other popular industries.

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