Automatic loading and unloading system


Efficiency High / Automation Design / Plate Inspection

Equipment advantages

Detachable frame design saves transportation cost and installation time.

Match with Model

(Model HN-3015 HN-4015 HN-4020)

Technical Parameters

Working area1000mm*1000mm-4000mm*1500mm
Thickness of feeding plate1mm-20mm
Fastest refueling time120s


Cut sample

Can be dedicated to 05.-25mm carbon steel plate, 0.5-16mm stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, cold rolled plate, electrolytic plate 05-16mm aluminum alloy plate, 0.5-10mm brass and copper and other metal materials.

Application industry

Used in automobiles, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, precision parts, ships, metallurgical equipment, furniture, kitchen utensils, household appliances, metal handicrafts, hardware tool processing, decoration engineering, advertising signs, sheet metal processing and other industries;