Coil automatic loading and unloading laser cutting machine

Loading,opening,pressing,cutting,丨all in one go

Product video

The laser sheet uncoiling, leveling and cutting production line has the function of automatic cut-to-length sheet material, which can unwind, level, and laser cut all kinds of coil materials into different specifications of sheets, and automatically convey the blanking.

Practical and efficient

Using this line can significantly improve production efficiency, reduce costs, ensure product quality, and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises.

High precision

Equipped with a high-precision servo motor, a reliable laser control system and a high-tech programmable control system to ensure accurate feeding and cutting.

High stability

The use of rotatable rolling blades ensures that the conveying of the sheet material can be synchronized with the rotation of the bed during the cutting process. The double-sided chain transmission mode is adopted to ensure that the force on both ends of the rolling blade is even, the bed is more stable when running, and the cutting accuracy is improved.

Technical parameters

Laser power1000-3000W
Processing format3000mm*1500mm
Maximum linkage speed140m/min


Cutting Samples

It can be specially used for 0.5-25mm carbon steel plate, 0.5-16mm stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, cold rolled plate, electrolytic plate, 05-16mm aluminum alloy plate, 0.5-10mm brass and copper and other metal materials.

Application industry

Widely used in many industries such as auto parts, kitchen and bathroom hardware, electrical and electronic, smart home.