Metal Pipe&Plate Dual Use

Fiber Laser Cutter

Versatile and Space-saving

fiber laser cutter

5' x10' | 1500-6000W | Single Platform
Pipe & Plate Fiber Laser Cutter

Hongniu metal sheet and pipe fiber laser cutter, equipped with 1-6kW fiber laser power. Optional 3m and 6m pipe cutting capabilities. Cuts both sheet and tube metals. Open structure ensures work process visibility. Versatile design saves over 50% space, improving productivity. Integrated sheet and pipe cutting for adaptability. Pipe diameter range: 20-220mm.For more details about our fiber laser cutter, just send e-mail to us.

  • Sheets & Pipes
  • Fully Enclosed Structure
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Passed CE/FDA/ETL,Meeting European and American Standards

Versatile and Space-saving

Efficiently cuts metal plates and pipes, saving over 50% space. Open structure enhances work visibility. Integrated sheet and pipe design adapts to thin metals, boosting productivity."
fiber laser cutter

Professional Metal Pipe Cutter

Auto-centering, 2-row rollers for versatile clamping. Extended transmission structure ensures stability, increased jaws save materials. Dual support frame accommodates 3-9m tubes. Ideal for various profiles.

Precise Efficient Flange Transmission

Our flange drive system optimizes power transfer, reduces friction, and enhances machine stability and durability. This results in precise and efficient power transmission, extending the machine's lifespan.
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Technical Parameters





Working Area




Laser Power

1000W to 4000W

Maximum Velocity of Movement


Repeated Positioning Accuracy


Pipe Processing Range

6000* Φ10~160 (Square tube: 10*10~110*110) 6000* Φ20~220(Square tube:20*20~155*155) 6000* Φ20~350(Square tube:20*20~250*250)

Cutting Samples