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Ultra-fast and High Processing Accuracy Tube Cutting Machine

tube laser cutting amchine

1500-6000W | High Precision Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Automatic metal tube laser cutting machine excels in precision cutting of round and square metal tubes with diameters under 220mm and side lengths under 150mm. Laser power options range from 1kW to 6kW. Equipped with automatic loading and unloading, it enhances work efficiency and reduces labor costs. metal tube laser cutting machine is also adept at cutting unique shapes like racetrack, oval, angle steel, channel steel, and I-beam.For more details or metal tube laser cutting machine price, just contact us.

  • Optional Automatic Loading and Unloading
  • Circular tube :Φ10-Φ220
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Passed CE/FDA/ETL,Meeting European and American Standards

High-Speed Tube Laser Cutter

Blazing fast with 125r/min chuck and 120m/min running speed. Exceptional accuracy: ±0.05mm positioning, ±0.02mm repeated positioning, 0.1mm machining accuracy.
tube laser cutting amchine
Precision Laser Tube Cutter Head
Cut various tubes with ease, including H-beam, P-beam, I-beam, and special-shaped tubes. Lightweight, fast, and improved cutting quality and efficiency. Self-clean light path, auto-focus.
Intelligent Pneumatic Chuck
Fast, precise clamping in just 3 seconds. High clamping force, stable feeding for cutting accuracy, and efficient processing.
Automatic Loading and Unloading System
Automatic loading and unloading with 6m tube bundle, intelligently sorted. High degree of automation saves labor and improves efficiency. Users can load standard tubes for batch production with little manual intervention. Handles round, square, rectangular tubes, as well as angle, channel and H-shaped steel.
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Technical Parameters

Processing Length6m
Laser Power1500w to 6000w
Blessing Diameter20-220mm
Positioning Accuracy±0.03
Repeat Positioning Accuracy±0.02
Transmission WayPrecision gear drive
Cutting Samples