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Extra Large Chuck Heavy-Duty Pipe Laser Cutter

Introducing the Extra Large Chuck Heavy-Duty Pipe Laser Cutter, specialized for large pipes and profiles. With 3 chucks, max diameter 850mm, and 6kw to 20kw laser power, it handles long workpieces up to 12m. Featuring a horizontal bed and movable gantry, it ensures stable cutting with improved accuracy. Its unique 3-chuck system allows for reverse cutting, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • 3 chucks for up to 850mm diameter
  • Max 12m pipe length, stable cutting
  • Laser power: 6kw to 20kw
  • Four chucks enable reverse cutting, zero tailings, higher efficiency, cost savings
850mm Super Large Three Chuck
Hongniu extra-large chuck heavy-duty pipe laser cutter, equipped with three chucks, suitable for cutting large and heavy pipes. It accommodates diameters ranging from 80mm to 850mm and offers optional bevel cutting for added versatility.
Floor-standing Bed Structure
Hongniu stable floor-standing bed structure for the extra-large chuck heavy-duty pipe laser cutting machine. Unlike wall-mounted designs, it offers stronger support, enhancing stability and easing daily operations. With an open concept, it handles pipes weighing up to 4,000 kg and cuts efficiently up to 12,000 mm in length.
Master All Tube Types
It is suitable for multi-functional cutting of square tubes, round tubes, rectangular tubes, H steel, channel steel, triangular steel and other pipe types. It can adapt to different conditions and easily handle complex shapes.
Efficient Tube Handling
Automated loading and unloading system simplifies heavy tube handling, eliminating downtime. Reduces idle time and minimizes risks associated with manual handling.
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Technical Parameters

Machine Model


Range of Pipe Processing


Laser Power

6000w to 20000w

Positioning Accuracy




Samples & Application
Handle tubes up to 850mm in diameter, 16m in length, and 4000kg per tube. Versatile cutting for various pipe types, effortlessly managing complex shapes under different conditions.