Full Cover Single Table

Fiber Laser Cutter

Cost-effective and Safe Metal Laser Cutter

fiber laser cutter

5' x10' | 1500-6000W | Whole Cover
Metal Sheet Fiber Laser Cutter

Hongniu fully enclosed metal sheet fiber laser cutter, complies with local regulations, saving space. It offers precise metal sheet cutting (1-6 kW) and is CE/FDA/ETL certified for eco-friendly, safe operation.For more details about our fiber laser cutter, just contact us

  • Single Working Table
  • Fully Enclosed Structure
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Passed CE/FDA/ETL,Meeting European and American Standards
Structure Completely Enclosed
The sturdy full enclosure ensures safety by blocking laser radiation, meeting local regulations, and holding CE/FDA/ETL certifications for eco-friendly and secure operations
fiber laser cutter
Pull Out Workbench
Our Pull-Out Workbench, manual or electric, simplifies sheet metal processing with easy loading/unloading. The Pull-Out Platform ensures convenient vertical loading and post-cutting material retrieval.
Save Cost
No disassembly for delivery with integrated design. Includes built-in electric control cabinet and laser source, reducing freight costs. Ready for use after power-up, fitting into a 20-foot container for savings on shipping and installation.
Partitioned Smoke Exhaust System
Hongniu's innovative dust removal system uses precise zoning for efficient smoke extraction, enhancing exhaust performance. Its two-blow, one-suction segmented method provides even better smoke removal.
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Technical Parameters



Working Area


Laser Power

1000W to 6000W

Maximum Velocity of Movement


Repeated Positioning Accuracy


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Cutting Samples