Full Cover Exchange Platform

Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Safe and non-polluting
metal laser cutting machine

1500-12000W | Full Cover Exchange Platform Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Hongniu’s fully-encircled exchange platform metal laser cutting machine allows simultaneous loading, unloading, and cutting. Rapid 20-second exchange boosts overall efficiency by over 30%. metal laser cutting machine has versatile 3000mm*1500mm to 6000mm×2500mm working area, fully enclosed structure, and 1kw to 12kw power range prioritize worker safety and environmental protection.
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  • Full-protection Cover,Safe Enclosure Structure
  • Laser Power: 1500w to 12000w
  • Super Large Working Table, Different Sizes Available
  • Certificate: CE/FDA
Efficient & Safe Fiber Laser Cutter
20s exchange, 30% efficiency boost. Versatile, enclosed, 1-12kw power prioritizes safety. Advanced features include safety doors, one-button shutdown, CE standard glass, and built-in smoke filter for eco-friendly cutting.
metal laser cutting machine
Exchanging Platform
Controlled by a converter, the system enables a 20-second exchange of the laser cutter between two work platforms, increasing production efficiency by 30%.
metal laser cutting machine
Durable Aviation Aluminum Beams
Our aviation aluminum alloy beams feature lightweight, low-inertia design. Enhanced by a triangular reinforced structure, they offer superior rigidity and shock resistance. Post-annealing, rough machining eliminates internal stress, followed by secondary vibration aging treatment to further bolster structural strength and stability.
Sturdy Plate Welding Machine Bed
Stable bed for medium and high-power laser cutters. Welded from high-quality steel to maintain precision during long-term operation. Hollow structure and efficient heat dissipation enhance machine accuracy and longevity.
Partitioned Smoke Exhaust System
Hongniu's innovative dust removal system uses precise zoning for efficient smoke extraction, enhancing exhaust performance. Its two-blow, one-suction segmented method provides even better smoke removal.
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Laser Power

1000W to 12000W

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