Full Cover Single Table

Metal Sheet & Tube Laser Cutter

Cost-effective and Safe Metal Laser Cutter

Sheet & Tube Laser Cutter

5' x10' | 1000-12000W | Whole Cover
Metal Sheet & Tube Laser Cutter

Hongniu’s Full Protection Steel Sheet & Tube Laser Cutter offers versatility with cutting lengths of 3 or 6 meters and power options from 1kw to 12kw. Integrated design, high stability, and efficiency reduce costs and enhance productionDual functionality for sheets and tubes, enclosed for safety. The exchange platform ensures quick, efficient material handling, making it ideal for metal processing, machinery, automotive, and aerospace industries.For more details about our Sheet & Tube Laser Cutter, just contact us.

  • Sheets & Pipes
  • Fully Enclosed Structure
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Passed CE/FDA/ETL,Meeting European and American Standards

Versatile Dual-Use Laser Cutter

Full Protection Steel Sheet and Tube Laser Cutter seamlessly cuts metal plates and tubes with integrated design, saving costs. Versatile and efficient, it meets diverse material cutting needs, enhancing overall production efficiency.
Sheet & Tube Laser Cutter

Two Working Platform

Our dual auto-exchange worktable ensures safe, efficient production with simultaneous loading/unloading and cutting. Minimize standby time, optimize work efficiency.

Ensuring Safety and Efficiency in Laser Cutting

Our fully enclosed structure is a vital safety feature for laser cutting machines, ensuring operator safety, reducing pollution, and enhancing production efficiency and equipment reliability.

Professional Pipe Cutter

Auto-centering, 2-row rollers for versatile clamping. Extended transmission structure ensures stability, increased jaws save materials. Dual support frame accommodates 3-9m tubes. Ideal for various profiles.
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Technical Parameters





Working Area




Laser Power

1000W to 12000W

Maximum Velocity of Movement


Repeated Positioning Accuracy


Cutting Samples