Gantry plasma cutting machine

Product video

The bed includes beams and columns. The whole machine requires good rigidity, high strength, high processing accuracy, reliability and stability. The bilateral drive ensures the synchronization of the two ends of the beam, and the two ends of the main column are equipped with horizontal elastic guides In order to ensure the stability of the machine during operation, the walking is stable and reliable;

The beam adopts German technology box beam structure

The beam adopts German technology box beam structure, the width is nearly 1000mm, and the overall rigidity is good. The aging treatment after welding eliminates the residual stress and will not deform after long-term use; The longitudinal guide rail adopts 24kg/U71Mn high-strength rail finishing, and the guide surface roughness Ra0.8μm; Longitudinal drive frame (end frame): It should be made of high-strength heavy rail, and the top and two sides are precisely processed by a special grinder.

Technical parameters

Track length6000-12000mm
Effective cutting width2200-6200mm
Effective cutting length4000-10000mm
Number of torches2group 2 sets
Flame cutting thickness6-200mm
Flame cutting speed50-750mm/min
Whole machine walking speed0-6000mm/min
Drive formbilateral

Cutting Samples

It is suitable for low-carbon steel, copper, iron, aluminum, galvanized, titanium and other metal plates.

Application industry

Mainly used in shipbuilding, boiler manufacturing, container manufacturing, construction, bridges, machinery, steel structure manufacturing and other fields of plate, pipe and wire metal materials for computer fully automatic control of CNC flame cutting machine.