New Look Open Type Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

Machine Description

The New Look 3015L is a cutting-edge laser cutting machine that is designed to cut through all types of metal plates with precision and efficiency. It comes with power options ranging from 1 kW to 3 kW, allowing for a choice of cutting speed and thickness.With its compact design, low prices, this machine is also space efficient, making it a great addition to small and medium-sized workshops.Open Type Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine with a single working table is the most cost-effective solution for cutting metal sheets with high precision.

The 3015L offers a range of advanced features that make it a top choice for professionals. Whether you need to cut large or small metal plates, the New Look 3015L offers the power, precision, and versatility to get the job done right. With its advanced technology and professional industry solutions, this machine is sure to meet all of your cutting needs and exceed your expectations.

Technical Parameters



Processing format


Laser power


Maximum positioning speed


positioning accuracy




Power supply rated voltage and frequency

220V 1P 50HZ /60HZ

Main Advantages

High Precision Welding Machine Bed


The high precision welding machine bed with various working size options offers high stability, long-term operation without deformation, improved machining accuracy, and prolonged service life. It is constructed with durable materials like steel or cast iron and designed with reinforced supports to prevent deformation during operation. Cutting parameters are optimized to enhance machining accuracy, while regular maintenance and modern technology such as condition monitoring systems help prolong the machine’s service life. This machine is versatile, suitable for various manufacturing environments, and a valuable addition to any production facility.

Precision Reform and Efficient Transmission

Precision reform and efficient transmission are key to achieving excellent performance, stability, and precision. By using high-quality materials, designing for precision, implementing proper maintenance, and controlling the operating environment, the machine can achieve greatly improved stability and guaranteed performance. Efficient transmission is also essential, and selecting the right transmission components and ensuring proper maintenance can improve power transmission while reducing friction. Overall, following these measures can help prolong the machine’s service life and make it a valuable asset in any manufacturing environment.

Aviation Aluminum Crossbeam

Crafted to meet aerospace standards, this aviation aluminum crossbeam is formed using 4300 tons press extrusion molding and undergoes aging treatment to achieve a strength comparable to the strongest gantries, rated at T6. Its lightweight yet durable structure, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties, and low density make it ideal for various applications where strength, longevity, and weight reduction are essential. Moreover, it enhances processing speed, making it a top choice for manufacturers seeking to optimize their operations.


Working Video


Upgrade your metal cutting capabilities with our Open Type Single Platform metal sheet Laser Cutting Machine, designed to handle 1000w-3000w laser cutting needs. Experience precision and efficiency like never before with our cutting-edge technology.


The cutting thickness is related to the laser power.

Carbon steel plate:0.5-16mm

Stainless steel plate:0.5-10mm

Aluminum plate:0.5-8mm


Our metal sheet laser cutting machine offers versatile cutting capabilities, able to cut through a range of materials including 

Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper, brass, silicon steel, galvanized steel sheet, nickel titanium alloy, inconel, titanium alloy, etc.

Application Industry

Fiber laser cutting machine is good at processing on common metal items in daily life such as advertising metal letter, kitchenware, environmental protection equipment. Laser cutting machines are widely used in electronics, electrical, mechanical hardware, new energy lithium, packaging, solar, LED, automotive and other industries.

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