Ultra-large Format Sheet

Metal Sheet Laser Cutter

High-power and Large-format
Metal Sheet Laser Cutter

6000-60000W | Ultra-large Format Metal Sheet Laser Cutter

The ultra-large, high-power metal sheet laser cutter excels at precise metal plate cutting with its expansive 32m x 5m working table and 6kw-60kw ultra-high power laser. It’s renowned for efficiently handling large materials, delivering rapid, precise cuts. It’s a top pick in aerospace, steel structure, and construction, making it the industrial go-to.For more details about our metal sheet laser cutter, just contact us.

  • Large Working Size  
  • Laser power:6kw-60kw
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Passed CE/FDA/ETL,Meeting European and American Standards

Full-Panel Precision in Ultra-Large Area

Customize bed length from 3-32m, extend indefinitely as needed, and swap modular beds to suit various industries' large workpiece processing. Ideal for batch processing, saving board change time.
Metal Sheet Laser Cutter

Environmental Smoke Exhaust System

Hongniu's innovative dual-flue exhaust and partitioned design maximize dust removal efficiency. The machine bed's segmented zones, controlled by air dampers, redirect cutting smoke dust for effective removal through ventilation ducts.

Modular Design for Easy Transportation

Large-format laser cutting machine features a re-optimized mechanical structure with a modular hollow mechanism. This innovation resolves manufacturing and transportation issues for super-large mechanisms while ensuring uniform heat distribution and enhancing bed durability.
metal laser cutter

Aerospace Aluminum Profile Beam

Our laser cutter crossbeam, crafted from ultra-high-pressure extrusion aviation aluminum, is 35% lighter and 20% stiffer than traditional beams. Its bionic honeycomb cavity and pyramid outer wall design create a strong yet lightweight structure, ensuring rapid response, minimal deformation, and superior performance.
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Technical parameters

Cutting format14000x3200mm
Cutting power3000W-20000W
maximum acceleration1.5G
Maximum positioning speed160m/min
positioning accuracy0.03mm/m
Applicable sheetCarbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper
Bevel cuttingOptional
Cutting Samples