Large enveloping plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine

One machine Dual purpose / Effectiveness Extremely high / Operating Simple

Video of laser cutting machine

The plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine has two functions: cutting plate and cutting tube. The whole equipment adopts fully enclosed laser protective cover, which is beautiful, safe and environmentally friendly.At the same time standard with a special exchange platform, fast exchange speed, easy feeding and unloading.High processing efficiency.

Using rack and pinion transmission system

Adopt pinion and rack transmission system, professional CNC system for pipe cutting, high precision, full function, easy to use and simple to operate.

Automatic full-stroke pneumatic chuck

One-button clamping, automatic centering, speed is 3 times of the electric chuck, reduce the waiting time for loading and unloading materials;Pneumatic clamping, clamping force is large and constant, heavy pipe does not loose and does not slip, to ensure the cutting accuracy;
Roller support with freely adjustable height can hold the pipe to avoid sagging deformation of the pipe, improve the cutting accuracy and prolong the service life of the chuck

Technical parameters

Cutting area3000*1500mm4000*2000mm6000*2500mm
Laser power1000-20000W
Repeat positioning accuracy0.02mm
Maximum moving speed.140m/min


Cutting Samples

We specialize in cutting square pipe, round pipe, rectangular pipe, elliptic pipe, D pipe and hexagon pipeThe plate is specially used for cutting 0.5-25mm carbon steel plate, 0.5-16mm stainless steel plate, cold-rolled plate, electrolytic plate, 0.5-16mm aluminum alloy plate, 0.5-10mm brass and red copper and other metal materials.

Application industry

Kitchen appliances, sheet metal case cabinets, machinery equipment, electrical equipment, lighting hardware, advertising signs, auto parts, display equipment, various metal products, sheet metal cutting and processing industries.