Machine Description

Laser cleaning is the latest and most cutting-edge surface precision cleaning technology on the market.

The high energy efficiency and instant high temperature of the laser are used to produce an explosion-like effect on the surface of the product, and the impurities and materials that need to be removed from the surface are stripped and evaporated to obtain a satisfactory high-quality surface treatment effect.

Compared with traditional industrial cleaning methods, laser cleaning has the characteristics of environmental protection, high efficiency, small footprint, high flexibility, and easy operation, and is accepted by more and more customers.

Technical Parameters

Model Name

Portable Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Laser generator

Chinese famous brand Raycus RFL-C2000

Laser Wavelength


Power Supply

1000w,1500w optional

Laser Scanning Cleaning Head and Control System


Cooling System

Hanli industrila water chiller for water-cooling

Scanning Width on the Processing Materials


Operating Voltage


HS Code


Parts with Machine When Delivering

Lense: 3 Pics

Power cable:1 pic


Laser resource :2 years

Other parts: 1 year

Main Advantages

Handheld Design, Super Flexible

The aim of Hongniu Laser is to enable our machine more possibility, by using handheld clean head design, it achieves to clean different material from different angel.

Industrial Style, Space Saving

According to ergonomics and processing characteristics, it meets the requirement the design for industrial placing which saved production space in different aspects and applies to different processing environment.

Stable Parts, Stable Quality

It Adopt original Germany IPG laser source or best laser source JPT from China, they are the synonym of quality.


Working Video

fiber laser cleaning machine is a medium power cleaner that is suitable for surface cleaning of metals and some non-metals. It is easy to install, operate, connecting the power, then it can start to clean without chemical reagents, mediums and water.

Samples & Application

Hongniu Laser cleaning machine is professional for metal material cleaning, coated cleaning, etc. Such as carbon steel, stainless steel, coated products, etc.


Fiber laser cleaning machine is widely used in mold industry, military equipment industry, precision machinery industry, shipbuilding and marine engineering industry, construction machinery and heavy industry, car manufacturer industry, electronic and semiconductor industry, nuclear power plant industry, building facades and cultural relics protection industry, etc.

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