Metal Coil Auto Fed

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Safe and non-polluting
Coiled Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

1500-60000W | Automatic Coil Fed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Automatic Coil-Fed Fiber Laser Cutter integrates fiber laser cutting with an automatic coil-feed system for efficient, customizable metal processing. It maximizes plate utilization, achieves net cutting, and reduces labor. Featuring a high-load frame, stable operation, and flexible cutting capabilities, it’s ideal for diverse industries.For more details of  coiled fiber laser cutting machine, just send contact us. 

  • Coil-straighten
  • Safety and Environmental Protection 
  • High Efficiency and High Quality
High Efficiency Fiber Laser Cutter
Efficient and eco-friendly, Hongniu automatic coil fiber laser cutting machine maximizes plate utilization, reduces labor, and ensures safety. With a multi-head laser cutting system and automatic metal coil system, it offers high efficiency and environmental protection, promoting sustainable and safe metal processing.
fiber laser cutting machine
Multi-head Processing
Customize cutting, welding, and more with automatic splitting and real-time control. Achieve efficient and versatile processing with obstacle avoidance and anti-collision features.
Efficient Uncoiling
Hydraulic uncoiler for 5T-15T single coil, ideal for 0.5-3mm stainless steel, carbon steel, and galvanized sheet cutting. Stress-relieving leveling ensures flatness with ±0.01mm correction accuracy.
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