Professional High-precision

Small Tube Laser Cutter

High-speed Tiny Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Tiny Tube Laser Cutter

Professional High-speed Tiny Tube Laser Cutter

High-speed Tiny Tube Laser Cutter excels at cutting round tubes up to 90mm and square tubes up to 60mm. With rapid cutting and rotation speeds reaching 200r/min, it offers efficient operation. Choose from mold chuck or four-claw pneumatic chuck options for versatile clamping. it ensures stable, accurate performance. Optional features include bevel cutting and slag suction. Widely used in industries like doors and windows, guardrails, furniture, sports equipment, hardware, sanitary ware, and auto parts.

  • Professional Small Tube Cutting
  • High-speed
  • Short Tailings
  • Passed CE/FDA/ETL,Meeting European and American Standards

High-speed Bevel tube Cutter

High-speed Bevel tube Cutter features nesting software and excels at 45-degree bevel cutting. It cuts round, square, and special-shaped tubes with precision and stability.
Tiny Tube Laser Cutter

40mm to 60mm Ultra-short Tailings

Ultra-short tailings within 40-60mm maximize material use, slashing production costs.
Tiny Tube Laser Cutter

Efficient Feeding System

Maximize efficiency with our High-speed Tiny Tube Laser Cutting Machine's Fully Automatic Feeding System. Load materials in 20 seconds, intelligently adapting to long pipes for batch loading. Thoughtfully designed components with anti-slip pads ensure fast loading without slipping. Supports batch cutting of small pipes, freeing up manpower and enhancing production efficiency.
Tiny Tube Laser Cutter

Automatic Follow-up Support Device

Featuring a Follow-up Support Device for real-time material support, ensuring steady cutting and precise results without pipe swinging or sagging.
Tiny Tube Laser Cutter
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Technical Parameters



Laser Power


Bevel range


Pipe Cutting Range

Round tube: φ15-85mm (with rotary pneumatic chuck)

Round tube: φ15-90mm (with self-centering chuck)

Square tube: 15×15-60x60mm

maximum acceleration


Cutting accuracy

±0.3mm; pipe curvature ≤2mm/m

Samples & Application
High-speed Tiny Tube Laser Cutting Machine efficiently handles various tube shapes and sizes: round tubes (φ15-85mm) and square tubes (15x15-60x60mm), featuring 45-degree bevel cutting for versatile applications.