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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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fiber laser cutting machine

5' x10' | 1500-6000W | Sigle Platform
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The Hongniu Laser 3015E is a cost-effective, single-platform fiber laser cutting machine, ranging from 1000W to 6000W power. It efficiently cuts medium and thin plates like stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper with precision and speed. This fiber laser cutting machine is perfect for optimizing production and increasing high-volume output, thanks to its fast cutting and low maintenance.
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  • Single Working Table
  • Best-Selling Products
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Passed CE/FDA/ETL,Meeting European and American Standards
Compact and Efficient
Compact, space-efficient single-table metal laser cutter with integrated design. Offers power options from 1 kW to 6 kW, ensuring cost-effective versatility. CE/FDA/ETL certified for safety and efficiency.
fiber laser cutting machine
Precise Efficient Flange Transmission
Our flange drive system optimizes power transfer, reduces friction, and enhances machine stability and durability. This results in precise and efficient power transmission, extending the machine's lifespan.
High-Precision Tube Welding Bed
The laser machine bed incorporates a welded rectangular tube design with internal stiffeners, enhancing strength, tensile strength, and guide rail stability. This design effectively prevents bed deformation, ensuring improved resistance and stability.
High-Strength Aviation Aluminum Beam
Our aviation aluminum beams are lightweight yet feature a reinforced structure. Through stress-relieving annealing, aging treatment, and precision machining, we ensure exceptional strength and stability.
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1000W to 6000W

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