Handheld Fiber Laser Welder

Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Precise All-around Light Welding Machine

Fiber Laser Welding Machine

1500-3000W | Handheld
Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Precision meets speed with our Fiber Laser Welding Machine. Utilizing advanced fiber laser technology, it ensures fast, precise welding of stainless steel and carbon steel. Ideal for diverse industrial applications, it offers efficiency and top-notch quality. Upgrade your welding experience with the accuracy, consistency, and non-contact advantages of fiber laser technology.

  • Save Space
  • Easy to Operate
  • Wide range of welding materials 
  • Passed CE/FDA/ETL,Meeting European and American Standards

8 Main Features of Hongniu Laser Welder Machine

High Efficiency

Laser welders increase welding speed 2-10 times by using high-energy laser beams to melt and fuse materials, creating a strong weld quickly.

High Quality

Laser welders create clean, precise welds without the need for grinding or polishing. The smooth, consistent appearance is valuable in industries with high aesthetic standards, like high-end manufacturing.

Low Cost

Laser welders save money long-term by completing jobs faster with less labor, being energy-efficient, and producing high-quality welds that require no post-processing.

Flexible Operation

Laser welders are very flexible and can be used to weld in any position, including overhead and vertical. Additionally, they are very easy to operate and require little training or experience to use effectively.


Laser welding doesn't produce as much smoke or fumes as other types of welding, it can be a safer and more environmentally friendly process. It can also be more precise, which can reduce the risk of errors or accidents during the welding process.

Safer and more environmentally

Laser welding is safer and eco-friendlier with less smoke and more precision, minimizing the risk of accidents and errors during welding.

More intelligent

The laser welding machine with a temperature sensor, double protective lens, and 1.6mm dual drive wire feeder is a cutting-edge technology that brings intelligent and humanized features to the welding process.

Multiple Languages

Multi-language support in laser welders helps users operate the machine effectively and communicate with people who speak different languages, making it easier to conduct global business.

Perfect Welds Every Angle
Hongniu's fiber laser machines ensure efficient, effective, and complete joint coverage. Featuring 360-degree welding technology, achieve precise welds with high speed, minimal heat, and minimal post-processing.
Fiber Laser Welding Machine
Compact and Portable
Hongniu's laser welding machine is sleek and easy to maneuver, featuring a pull-push handle and lockable casters. The handheld welding head ensures prolonged fatigue-free work with a temperature sensor and double protective lens.
Fiber Laser Welding Machine
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Technical Parameters


 handheld laser welding machine

Laser Power(kw)


Welding Speed(mm/s)


Welding range(mm)

0.5~5 carbon steel; 0.5~4stainless steel; 0.5~6 aluminum 

Fiber Length(m)

Standard 10

Cooling Mode

Water cooling


380V/50HZ  220V optional

Welding Sample