Technical Parameters

Processing format24000*2500mm24000*3200mm
Laser power10000w-40000w
maximum acceleration1.5G
positioning speed160m/min
positioning accuracy0.03mm/m
cutting sheetCarbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, etc.
Bevel cuttingOptional


Matching bevel cutting
swing angleA轴:-46°-50°  B轴:±50°
single axis acceleration37.5r/min(60r/min max1*)
Single axis maximum acceleration39.2rad/s2(68rad/s2 max2*)
positioning accuracy±0.02mm


Working Video

  • Ultra large metal laser cutter is a machine with super large working table. The working area can reach 24000mm*3200mm. It is specially used for cutting metal sheet .

Samples & Application

The plate is specially used for cutting 0.5-25mm carbon steel plate, 0.5-16mm stainless steel plate, cold-rolled plate, electrolytic plate, 0.5-16mm aluminum alloy plate,
0.5-10mm brass and red copper and other metal materials.


Fiber laser cutting machine has a wide range of applications. It is usually used in automobile manufacturing, hardware products, kitchenware, sheet metal processing, advertising industry, lighting processing, fitness equipment and other popular industries.

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