80mm Carbon Steel Cutting Hongniu Laser Cutting Machine

As the industrial process continues to accelerate and the market demand for laser cutting is also increasing, time is money, and in order to maintain quality and quantity, people have higher and higher expectations for the processing capabilities of laser cutting machines. This expectation is not just to say To be able to cut, you must also ensure that the cut is good and fast.

Nowadays, carbon steel plates with a thickness of 25mm or more have appeared. In order for laser cutting machine equipment manufacturers to produce laser cutting machines that can obtain good cutting results, key technical difficulties such as thick plate perforation, cutting surface quality and overall plate processing have become It shows the direction of their efforts.

The accumulation of a large amount of experimental data and the personal use of the user shows that the 10,000-watt power cutting technology can be used to process carbon steel plates with a thickness of 25mm or more and is very stable. As more and more equipment is used in actual sheet metal processing , Has accumulated a wealth of application experience, which allows engineers to see the direction of the next tuyere.

At present, carbon steel with a thickness of 25mm or more has achieved stable mass production, and the cutting speed of 25mm carbon steel is 1.2m/min. Ten thousand watt power laser equipment, the first thing to achieve is a reliable and stable ten thousand watt laser source, and high laser power is coupled to the fiber with a diameter of 0.1mm. Using fiber laser source, the laser power of 12KW and 15KW can be coupled into 100μm. Within the fiber laser source.

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