Hongniu laser tube cutting machine with wider application range

With the continuous advancement of technology in various industries, the demand for metal pipes is increasing, and pipe processing technology has gradually developed and matured. Especially after the advent of the laser tube cutting machine, the quality and efficiency of tube processing have qualitatively improved.

What are the advantages of fiber laser tube cutting machine? Why can replace traditional pipe processing equipment?

As we all know, any new technology from advent to well-known will inevitably be accompanied by new developments. If the new technology wants to break the tradition, it must have its unique advantages. So what are the advantages of the laser cutting machine?

The machine has a powerful cutting function, which can cut square tubes, round tubes, rectangular tubes and various special-shaped tubes. Using rack and pinion transmission structure, pneumatic clamping chuck, at the same time, Hongniu Laser has developed a cutting machine with a larger pipe diameter, which better expands the processing range and serves customers.

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