Cutting thickness of 12000 w laser cutting machine

In recent days, Hongniu laser products are on sale. A large part of them are ultra-high power laser cutting machines. Among the ultra-high power laser cutting machines that have been sold, 12000W laser cutting machine account for a large part.. For this machine, I believe many people are not very clear how thick it can cut the plate, below, to give you a detailed introduction.
12000W laser cutting machine belongs to ultra-high power laser cutting machine, The thickness of the cutting board it supports is naturally very thick. for several common metal plates on the market ,12000W laser cutting machine can cut 45 mm carbon steel plate ,50 mm stainless steel plate ,40mm  aluminum plate. Of course, the maximum cutting thickness of several plates mentioned above is without affecting the cutting quality, that is ,12000 W laser cutting machines cut these plates at the same time. It can also ensure the smoothness of cutting surface and the precision of cutting.
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