High Power Laser Cutting Machine Factory 12000 w Metal Laser Cutting Machine

With the acceleration of production rhythm in various industries, people’s demand for power of metal laser cutting machines is also increasing, from the initial 1000 W to 3000 W, to 6000 to today, high power metal laser cutting machine has undoubtedly become the mainstream of the market. The most representative is 12000 W metal laser cutting machine.
Regarding our Hongniu laser 12000w fiber laser cutting machine, I believe you have already had a certain understanding, today we detailed introduction of our 12000 W metal laser cutting machine.
12000W fiber laser cutting machine has super stability, super cutting ability, high quality cutting effect and other comprehensive properties, it is also these advantages, so that our HongNiu laser high power metal laser cutting machine has been greatly sought after by everyone.
The machine has a fully closed-loop laser cutting control system and automatic focusing function. When cutting, the machine can automatically find edges to ensure cutting accuracy. The fuselage adopts exchange platform and automatic loading and unloading structure to save labor and improve production efficiency.
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