How to Extend the Life of Metal Laser Cutting Machine

For many metal laser cutting machine buyers, the life of the machine is very important, how to extend the life of the machine, in fact, four points of protection can be done

  1. Fan Maintenance

Fan maintenance is best carried out once a month, if the fan is not maintained for a long time, resulting in excessive accumulation of dust inside, will affect the exhaust and deodorization effect, and further affect the life of the machine

  1. lens maintenance

If the lens of metal laser cutting machine can not be maintained for a long time, the transmittance and reflection of the lens will deviate, which will affect the production of the machine and cause unnecessary wear. When maintaining the lens, use degreasing cotton dip in ethanol to carefully rotate along the center edge of the lens.
Maintenance of 3. water cooler
The water inside the water cooler must be replaced regularly, otherwise it is easy to form scale to hinder the overall cooling effect. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the smooth flow of water to keep the water temperature below 35°C, so as to ensure the normal temperature of the machine and avoid more damage to the machine.

  1. maintenance guide

The whole metal laser cutting machine often produces a large amount of dust and fine particles during operation. These are easy to fall into the guide rail, long-term cleaning will wear the equipment for a long time. So regular cleaning guide rail dust and small debris.
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