Delivery 12000W Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Recently, Hongniu 12000 W enclosed fiber laser cutting machine successfully loaded, to the customer’s factory.
Recently, the enclosed fiber laser cutting machine continues to sell, many customers have ordered our HongNiu laser enclosed fiber laser cutting machine. The machine has a fully closed-loop laser cutting control system and automatic focusing function. When cutting, the machine can automatically find edges to ensure cutting accuracy.
The beam of enclosed fiber laser cutting machine adopts cast aluminum beam, which makes the equipment have efficient dynamic performance, greatly improves working efficiency and ensures processing quality. The machine table adopts exchange platform and automatic loading and unloading structure to save labor and improve production efficiency.
Moreover, our enclosed fiber laser cutting machine can carry up to 35000 W of laser power, so it is an ideal choice to cut some thicker plates. If you are interested in or in doubt about our enclosed fiber laser cutting machine, Please click on our website online customer service, or add whatsapp :+8615610117239 HongNiu Laser-your whole process of intimate procurement consultant!
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