Fiber laser cutting machine set off a technological revolution in the sheet metal industry

The sheet metal industry is one of the most important application markets for laser processing. The huge potential market in China also provides a broad space for the application of laser equipment in the sheet metal industry. With the intensification of competition, the competition in my country’s sheet metal market is gradually competing in the direction of high quality and high technology content. China has gradually become an international processing and manufacturing center, and the demand for metal processing has continued to increase, and thus the demand for sheet metal processing capabilities has also continued to increase; along with it, the complexity of the process is also relatively high, and even some parts have dozens of processes. Precision puts forward higher requirements for sheet metal processing.
Some people say that the fiber laser cutting machine is an advancement standing on the shoulders of giants. It first began to rise in some developed countries abroad, which led to the rapid development of related manufacturing industries. After my country introduced some foreign technologies, it also began rapid development in the field of fiber laser cutting machines. In recent years, it has achieved Came from behind. This achievement has enabled China to shorten the gap between high-end manufacturing and foreign high-end equipment manufacturing, and fiber laser cutting machines have helped China’s manufacturing industry achieve leapfrog development.
Compared with traditional cutting, laser cutting has a high degree of flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, and short product production cycle. Whether it is simple or complex parts, it can be used for rapid prototyping cutting by laser; and fiber laser cutting machine cuts seams Narrow, good cutting quality, high degree of automation, easy operation, low labor intensity, safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional cutting processes. More importantly, the fiber laser cutting machine can reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency.

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