New highlights of fiber laser tube cutting machine

The fiber laser tube cutting machine is composed of a laser, a laser head, a control system, and a mechanical group. The laser is the soul of the laser tube cutting machine and the core “power source” of the laser tube cutting equipment.

What are the new highlights of Hongniu Laser Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine?
1. More power saving
The same 1000 watt laser tube cutting machine, its photoelectric conversion efficiency is as high as 45%, while the others are only about 30. Other laser tube cutting machines require 3.5 kWh of electricity per hour, while it only consumes 2.8 kWh per hour.
2. Fast
With the same wattage fiber laser pipe cutting machine, its cutting speed is 30% faster than other pipe cutting machines. Make your production more efficient.
3. Good effect
Fiber laser tube cutting machine has smaller spot, smooth light density and better cutting effect.

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