3000w laser cutting machine settled in Russia

Jinan Hongniu Laser was established in 2012 and has a nine-year history of development so far. In this short period of nine years, Hongniu Laser has grown from scratch, the company has gradually expanded, and its products have been exported overseas. Recently, A 3000W laser cutting machine successfully settled in Russia.

Today, when high-power laser cutting machines are gradually occupying the mainstream of the market, the power of 3000W laser cutting machines is not too high, but it also has its own unique advantages. Except for the cutting of some ultra-thick plates, the 3000W laser power can already meet most of the cutting needs, and the processing cost is relatively low. In cutting, the performance of the 3000W laser cutting machine is also very good, and the operation of digital information With the table, you can cut the products you want by sliding your fingers. The cutting has no burrs, and the cut surface is smooth. It can almost completely eliminate the procedures for secondary processing, save time and save labor.

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