Is it better to buy a new laser cutting machine or a second-hand one?

Recently, the editor received a lot of calls asking whether to sell second-hand laser cutting machines. Here, the editor solemnly explained that Jinan Hongniu Laser is a laser cutting machine manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales. We do not sell second-hand laser cutting machines. Also does not recycle laser cutting machine equipment. Is it better to buy a new laser cutting machine or a second-hand one? Xiaobian will help you analyze

1. When choosing a laser cutting machine, pay attention to the quality of the laser. The laser is the core component of the cutting machine. If there is a problem with this component, then high costs will be incurred. At the same time, you must pay attention to the guarantee of after-sales service, so that you can rest assured to buy ,
2. Pay attention to the overall structure and technological level of the laser cutting machine. Now the scope of cutting is becoming wider and wider. This is a test for the overall structure of the laser cutting machine. At the same time, the craftsmanship of the product needs to be improved in order to be competent for the more difficult ones. Work, so no matter from the overall structure or the level of craftsmanship, higher requirements are required,
3. Pay attention to cost performance, choose products with high cost performance. When choosing products, look at the scope of use and the working intensity of the machine. Of course, the price of new equipment is also sinking. Both in terms of service life and structure and function, they are better than Old equipment, accuracy and maintenance costs are much better than old equipment.
It is better to buy a new laser cutting machine from three points of analysis, and it is cost-effective.

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