Stainless steel square tube cutting choose Hongniu laser tube cutting machine

Recently, many people have ordered our Hongniu laser pipe cutting machine to cut stainless steel square pipes. Some people may ask, what is the good thing about your Hongniu fiber laser tube cutting machine? Below, the editor will take you a detailed understanding.

Today, I will introduce you to the professional fiber laser tube cutting machine produced by Hongniu Laser.
First of all, our professional fiber optic tube cutting machine has high precision, and the tube has realized non-inductive and efficient detection. The position deviation of the cutting accuracy of the whole meter section is not more than 0.15mm. The high-precision cutting makes our cutting work faster and more accurate.
Secondly, the professional optical fiber pipe cutting machine produced by Hongniu Laser is not limited to cutting square pipes, but can also cut round pipes, rectangular pipes or other shapes of pipes. Compared with other brands of pipe cutting machines, our professional fiber laser pipe cutting machines are more diversified.

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