Factors affecting the accuracy of metal laser pipe cutting machine

The metal laser pipe cutting machine is a cutting equipment that has developed rapidly in recent years. Compared with the traditional automatic pipe cutting machine, it has the advantages of higher cutting quality, lower application cost, and longer service life. Some users will also encounter some cutting errors during use, so how do these errors occur?

  1. The geometric error of the workpiece is affected by various reasons. The surface of the processed object fluctuates, and heat is generated during the cutting process, which makes the surface of the pipe easy to deform. Due to the uneven surface, the laser focus varies with the position and ideal position of the surface of the processed object. And random changes.
  2. The thickness of the material exceeds the standard. The thinner the pipe, the easier it is to cut and the better the quality. If the pipe is too thick, the metal laser pipe cutting machine will be more difficult to cut. Under the condition of ensuring the cutting, there will be errors in the processing accuracy, so it is necessary to determine the thickness of the pipe.
  3. Programming error. In the processing of the metal laser pipe cutting machine, the processing trajectory on the complex curved surface is composed of straight lines, arcs, etc., and the fitted curve and the actual curve have errors. These errors lead to the position of the actual focus and the surface of the processed object and the ideal programming position.
  4. The thermal deformation of the workpiece during processing will cause the deviation between the laser focus position and the ideal given position. Errors such as these are random errors. Due to the limitations of current technology, they are temporarily unavoidable. Only through online detection and control can the errors be reduced and the processing accuracy of the metal laser pipe cutting machine can be improved.

The above is a summary of some factors that may affect the cutting accuracy of the metal laser pipe cutting machine. If you have any questions about this, please add whatsapp: +8615610117239

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