Three single-platform fiber laser cutting machines sent to Algeria

Recently, three single-platform fiber laser cutting machines from Algerian customers were loaded and shipped to Qingdao port. Although international trade has been affected by the epidemic, it does not affect Hongniu’s fiber laser cutting machine, which continues to be sent abroad.
These three machines are single-platform fiber laser cutting machines, using an open working platform, convenient and fast feeding, cantilevered display screen, built-in chassis, have the advantage of not occupying space, and are suitable for manufacturers with small factories. The machine adopts high-precision linear guide to ensure the precise operation of the equipment.
Single-platform fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for 1000-3000w laser, with repeat positioning accuracy up to 0.02mm, maximum cutting speed up to 120m/min, automatic edge finding and automatic obstacle avoidance functions protect the laser head and extend the service life of the machine.
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