How to choose a high-power laser cutting machine, Hongniu Laser teaches you to choose

As the society’s demand for high-power laser cutting machines continues to rise, a large number of high-power laser cutting machines have emerged in the industry, but the quality of high-power laser cutting machines produced by different manufacturers is different. So, how should we choose a high-power laser cutting machine that suits us?

Compared with low- and medium-power laser cutting machines, high-power laser cutting machines have significantly improved both in cutting sheet thickness and cutting speed and quality. Therefore, when we choose high-power laser cutting machines, the equipment needs The supported cutting board thickness, maximum cutting speed and cutting accuracy are the first issues to be verified.
On the premise that the cutting quality is guaranteed, the service life of the machine itself is also a very important aspect of choosing a machine. It is recommended that you choose a large laser cutting machine manufacturer when buying a machine, whether it is the quality of the machine or the after-sales service after purchasing the machine. Services are much more reliable than some small manufacturers.

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