Hongniu laser tube cutting machine, round tube square tube special-shaped tube, you can cut as you like!

Hongniu Laser is a laser equipment manufacturer integrating research, production and sales. Since its establishment, the company has developed technology, quality, application, market and other aspects of resource optimization and integration. The performance of Hongniu laser tube cutting machine is also very good.

With the wide application of laser equipment, Hongniu laser pipe cutting machine can be used in sheet metal industry, fitness equipment, petroleum pipeline, engineering machinery, household appliance manufacturing and other machinery manufacturing pipe processing industries. It can process carbon steel, stainless steel, magnesium alloy square tubes, round tubes, waist round tubes, elliptical tubes and some special-shaped tubes.
Hongniu laser tube cutting machine can be used to cut round tubes with φ20mm-φ220mm, square tubes with 20*20mm-230*230mm, etc. Its main features are strong dynamic performance, one-key start, one-key cutting, greatly improving cutting efficiency, saving labor, reducing cost, instant panoramic view, panoramic view of production process, simple operation, and cleverly unfolding and controlling the entire process.

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