Hongniu Laser Launches Longmen Large Format Laser Cutting Machine "Aircraft Carrier"

Large-format laser cutting machine, suitable for various machinery manufacturing and processing industries, realizes large-format, high-power, high-precision laser cutting, and improves cutting efficiency through rapid positioning and focusing. Ultra-large-format sheet cutting achieves ultra-long The workpiece is processed as a whole. 3*15 meters 4*20 meters support customization.

The entire series of Hongniu laser large-format laser cutting machine includes HN-12015, HN-12035 and HN-14030 models. The gantry large-format laser cutting machine body adopts the ground-rail welding process and cooperates with the super-large-format machine body to meet the customer’s large-scale metal sheet cutting needs.
Longmen ground rail type large format laser cutting machine Laser power: 3000-20000W (optional)

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