How to deal with rusty metal plates in laser processing

Fiber laser cutting machine is an expert in cutting metal plates and has been widely used.
So what are the effects of cutting imperfect metal plates-rusted metal plates and what aspects should be paid attention to?

First of all, we analyze the cutting principle of the fiber laser cutting machine. The laser itself cannot be the light source. The laser will only generate heat after being absorbed by the surface of the sheet during processing, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. On the surface of rusty or non-rusty materials
In this case, the absorption of laser light is different, and the heat generation will also be greatly affected.

Cutting rusty plates will reduce the processing efficiency, the cutting quality will be worse, and the product scrap rate will increase accordingly. Therefore, if conditions permit, in the gold plating process, try to use rusty plates as little as possible or treat them before using them. .
In addition, the overall uniform cutting effect is better than the uneven rusted plate, and the overall uniform rusted plate absorbs the laser relatively uniformly, so it can be better cut. For uneven rusty gold plating, it is recommended to treat the surface, even the surface of the plate, and then perform laser cutting.

Hongniu Laser recommends that you use a laser cleaning machine to remove rust on the surface of the plate. The operation is simple and fast. Click on the picture to view product details:

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